About Us


We have always loved fashion and have been tie dying since we were young. In the last couple of years we have realized how horrible fast fashion is for the environment and the minority groups victim to terrible working conditions and low wages overseas. 

So, we started buying our clothing second-hard. Our collection started small, but as we continued to shop second-hand we discovered a type of laid back, comfy, vintage stye that suited our life style. We had been experimenting with tie dye since we were young, and as our collection grew I began to dye pieces if I thought it could add value. Thus Spicy Dye was born. We are building a brand dedicated to sustainable slow fashion, curated vintage, and up-cycled tie dyes.

Each item is one of a kind, hand made or hand picked with love. Thank you for your support & stay spicy. 

Much Love, 

Sidney and Johnny